Wash Your Damn Hair Digital Textbook

Wash Your Damn Hair is a comprehensive digital textbook written by us, Aeleise + Aishia, which serves as a salon proven guide for healthy curls.

Wash Your Damn Hair will not make you an expert in tight curls, however it is an impactful resource for you to become salon ready so you can make the most out of your appointment with a curl professional.

From this digital book, you'll also learn more about:

  • Understanding your hair + scalp and the essential elements of hair
  • Setting realistic hair goals and the importance of education over product
  • Turning wash days into wash hours and the nuances of hair care
  • Relationship building with curl professionals and setting realistic expectations before salon appointment

Your Instructor

Aeleise + Aishia
Aeleise + Aishia

We are Aeleise and Aishia practicing natural hair stylists, moms to tiny humans, upsetters of the Internet, beauty industry disrupters, lovers of fact based hair care, tight curl experts, brand agnostic educators, authors of Wash Your Damn Hair and just your overall snarky girlfriends who really know our ish. Our hair is only picture ready about 60% of the time, but we absolutely adore the curls we get to care for in the salon and online. We’re just here to create a joyful, simple, and fabulous experiences with tight curls.

Course Curriculum

  Wash Your Damn Hair
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